Benefits of Aging

The Top Benefits of Aging

Life Really Does Improve with Age

Eight in 10 Americans agree that society puts too much value on appearing youthful, but a new poll also identified the benefits of getting older. The survey of 2,000 adults examined perspectives around aging and found that most agree that in today’s world, there’s a negative bias around aging or the perception of being old—so much so that six in 10 avoid sharing their age for fear of being “judged” (61%).

Living life happier when agingSharing their positive bias, three-quarters of the respondents agreed that age is not something to fight or fear, but rather an opportunity to live a more fulfilling and emotionally healthy life.

Furthermore, most have actually seen areas of their lives improve with age (71%), such as confidence (49%), their sense of self (45%) and their relationships with family members (44%).

In fact, most people who have outgrown their 20s say that they feel more fulfilled (69%) and satisfied (71%) with their lives today.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Great Lakes Wellness Collagen, the survey found that three in four people want to spend less time fighting aging and more time doing things they love. “While ‘anti-aging’ has become the norm for quite some time, we’re starting to see a shift among Americans who realize aging is living,” said Jim Burkett, president of Great Lakes Wellness.

The Top 4 Benefits of Aging:

Learn new things about themselves or the world every year
Having more life experience
Gaining wisdom
Being more confident

What, then, is the secret to living well in your advancing years? 80% will tell you that a better attitude leads to more graceful aging.

Seven in 10 said they’re embracing their age, believing that getting older is not as bad as they thought it would be.


“Two-thirds of respondents actually feel younger than they are—nearly a decade younger, on average.”





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