Did you know?
Not all Home Care providers are alike.

What’s different about Prime Horizon?
• Communication, because we’ve been listening since 2011
• Compassion, because we understand what you’re facing

• Technology, because we know you’re busy

If your loved one needs care, selecting a home care provider can be a difficult decision. Prime Horizon allows you and your family members to know important things about the care of your loved ones.

Wouldn’t it be nice to:

  • Know what’s happening with your loved one day-to-day, hour-by-hour?
  • Know that your provider is available 24/7, and will take the time to really listen?
  • Know that your provider has the background and a reputation for compassion and excellence?

That’s the Prime Difference.

We know you’re busy…
And that’s why we use technology to ensure you can stay updated on your loved ones care 24/7.

With our “Family Room Portal,” you can login from anywhere to see, in real-time, what’s going on in the home, what caregiver was there, if there were changes in condition, or even pay invoices.

See how the Family Room Portal works to help families just like yours:

At Prime Horizon, we work hard to make sure that every family can get the care that they want for their loved one.How? By letting you take charge of decisions and options.

  • Choose your own quality caregiver, and access their schedule
  • Manage your home care needs through our online app
  • In case of problems, questions, or emergencies, you’ll be able to reach a live rep 24/7
  • Care for advanced illnesses

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There are many Home Care providers, but when families want only the highest quality of care for their loved ones, they choose Prime Horizon. Request FREE information below now, or call us at (888) 246-6811.


“Having them available to support with the care of my mom over the past two years has been invaluable.  Mom likes having Helen there each week, while my husband and I can take some time away together.  Knowing she’s in good care while we are out is the most comforting of all.”

“I have found that your home care providers have been more capable and reliable than the last 3 caregiver companies that she has had.  Being more reliable has decreased a lot of stress in both of us.”